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Who is david paetkau dating

Sam's cocky confidence and sense of entitlement have matured, and Sam proves himself to be a disciplined and crucially valuable member of the team.

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At first, Sam believes that lethal force is always the solution rather than negotiation - causing the rest of the team to become sceptical about his place on Team One.

However, as the series goes on Sam becomes another valued member of the team and is considered to be family.

Since his recruitment onto the SRU team, Sam has had feelings for Jules.

In Eagle Two, he kisses Jules and offers to drive her home after he realizes that she blames herself for the events of the day.

Sam, however does have another sister - Natalie Braddock, who first appears in Season Three and continues to recur on the series.

Sam Braddock left JTF 2 (Joint Task Force 2, Canada’s elite Special Operations counter-terrorism force) to join the SRU after serving out two tours.

Initially Team One has trouble accepting Sam as they had no say in his joining of the team.