Start Who is big time rush dating

Who is big time rush dating

Did you know that before Big Time Rush debuted, Kendall had been working 24/7 to get to the top?

We’ll give you three guys and you have to pick which one is so perfect you’d want to marry him, which one is cute and fun, but just dating material and which one you would kick to the curb.

For this round, we want to find out which BTR boy you’re crushing on!

"No one likes that." And Kendall Schmidt shared his don't as well: "You're paying for the bill and the girl goes, 'No really, I'd like to split it.' Just shhh and let the guy pay for it," he says.

Maslow is the star of BTR and he is still the star today, Maslow had been on the cover for Fitness RX and featured in it, damn if you see his body you will be drooling because of how hot he is.

Not saying anything but after BTR ended Logan Henderson didn't do much but wrote songs he and Kendall Schmidt sang a few duets titled Red Light Green Light, Rich Girl, Next Step and Featuring You, Henderson wrote most of the songs from BTR's last album 24/Seven including the titular track "24/Seven".

Henderson isn't/wasn't much of a big star because he started acting and singing in 2009, he started out by landing a (very,very,very) small role in NBC's Friday Night Lights, heck it was just a cameo but since then the role gave Logan a peak at acting and made him want to chase his dreams to entertain people by acting and singing, BTR changed his life forever, YOU GO LOGAN!

Carlos now lives a happy life with his loving wife Alexa Penavega and is currently not really doing anything but continuing his life in You Tube.