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Venezuela dating women

are considered the most beautiful girls on the planet.

Almost all the stereotypes of Venezuelans are corrects but in foreign countries, they have a lot of stereotypes about Venezuela as a country, those stereotypes are: Positive In Venezuela even though they have a lot of rivers and tropical jungles, that’s not the only thing in Venezuela, they have great cities, deserts, high mountains with snow, plains, a lot of beautiful beaches and many others things.

They think about jungle because Venezuela is in a tropical area and Venezuelan wonders are majorly natural.

It is important to mention, that, as well as with the American Stereotypes, in Venezuela they have a lot of people, from very different cultures that has different thoughts about life and so different backgrounds, and may be, are not as the common stereotypes.

Simon Diaz is a very important singer on Venezuela that represents them as a country. He sings a typical type of music in Venezuela called “Musica Llanera”.