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Updating utorrent tracker list

While we understand Detroit’s key issue to be finding a the right investor match, New Orleans’ key issue is understood to be venue.

Note: With the announcement of USL D3 and the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) we’re shifting our focus to include coverage on possible teams for those leagues, while scaling back Major League Soccer (MLS) and Canadian Premier League (Can PL) coverage.

We will still include a high level overview of what is going on with those leagues, but point you to other sources for greater depth.

NISA has seven additional Letters of Intent beyond the eight applicants, and has spoken with investors in a total of 45 markets.

Detroit City FC is confirmed to be in serious talks with NISA (and NASL), but has not yet formally submitted an application to the league as it focusing on finding the right investor match for the club., “I think, if I am not mistaken, we have announced an eleventh team from our meeting last week. There is an eleventh team that will be announced here shortly.” Watkins added, “Then we are also looking at a twelfth team, and that might come to fruition.

While these clubs are the first official NISA applicants, they are not necessarily the 8-10 teams that are targeting a 2018 start.

While Charlotte FC is hoping to start in 2018, Chattanooga FC is looking at a 2019 start based on statements from the club’s owners.

The last six weeks have seen most of the expansion news come from the United Soccer League and the National Independent Soccer Association.