Start Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Updating smart mailbox unread counts

Dropbox this week announced that it will discontinue its popular i OS email client Mailbox in early 2016.

For a few years now, Google has required a paid Google Apps account in order to have Exchange Active Sync with push notifications.

That means Apple's built-in Mail app for i OS won't get instant email alerts with a basic Gmail account —instead, alerts will come from mail fetching, which can be delayed up to 15 minutes.

Some third-party i OS apps address this issue by offering instant push alerts from emails.

This is accomplished by having constant access to your Gmail account on their servers.

Those devoted to the multi-purpose swiping abilities of Mailbox will be disappointed, however.

Also, it should be noted that Gmail does not adhere to the left edge swipe gesture found in most i OS apps.

Spark's features go well beyond what's noted here, including a dedicated Apple Watch app and 3D Touch support on the i Phone 6s, but the point remains: If you're looking for the most Mailbox-like email client, Spark is your best choice.