Start Updating alterops

Updating alterops

One person made a good case that option 3 would be easier for really novice people, but all agreed that knowing a little PHP was important for themers anyway.

I'd like to propose a three-phase patch process to get these changes into core. This is a proposal, though, and while I have pseudocode for most of the steps in here, I want to get others in the community on board to hammer out the details and help figure out where the pitfalls are. More consistency, reduced duplication of code, and the preservation of meaningful metadata later in the rendering pipeline.

If any of them make it in, we'll benefit quite a bit, but if all three somehow make it in, I believe that Ewoks will dance happily. That, in turn, means more possibilities for robust theming engines and more possibilities for template designers who don't want to learn to hack PHP and write hook_foo_alter() functions to get things done.

I'm going to see if I can explain this concept to the themers I work with and get some feedback from them. So I just did an informal survey around the office.

My PHP isn't strong enough to get involved in the coding side but I'm more than willing to test patches and help thrash out any issues from a themers point of view if needed. body was a useless bin full of text by the time the theme system got to it, and themers were left picking around in raw $node properties to reconstruct all the work of node_view() if they needed to control things at a more granular level. One idea that i'm kicking around right now, by the way, is the change from node_view($node, $teaser, $page, $links) to the afore-mentioned node_view($node, $style, $options) format.

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The problems This sounds big -- and it would be foolish to say that it's a simple set of steps.