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Tyra dating shervin

Launching an Android app is also a top priority, something that Weingarten hopes to accomplish by the end of Summer.

The platform today maintains a “Hunt density” or number of answers per query of 1.7, a figure that the CEO believes he can increase substantially.

“We’ve had a number of users tell us, ‘this is like fantasy football for shopping,’” Weingarten says.

The company reaches a 90 percent female demographic with the average user falling between 13 and 30 years old – this is the Instagram and Snapchat crowd, not the housewives of Pinterest The Hunt didn’t set out to raise this B round so quickly on the heels of its fall 2013 Series A, but with the rapid growth over the last two quarters, investor interest was inbound.

The company currently sends its users off to third-party ecommerce sites to transact based on its Hunters' recommendations and does not capture any referral or affiliate commissions along the way.