Start Together dating service complaints

Together dating service complaints

Are you saying that you won't fall right back into that "too busy, job isolated, no getting out pattern" once you get comfortable in your relationship? YOU are not ready for love if this is your philosophy.

Know what you are asking Together® to do for you, "FORCE someone to go on a date with you." This is unlike any of the online matching services - where people have the option of meeting you or not.

You have a better opportunity of finding someone who is appealing through a self paced "browse" method. Do you send someone who doesn't know you at all to go do your grocery store shopping? "The purpose of Together® is to help me find someone because I don't know how to find anyone.

I know many a military man that has married a woman who can't speak any English, grew up in dire poverty, and is a completely different person than they had ever been with before.

I have considered Together Dating® in the past and passed on their match making services.

I have also conducted an interview with friends who have used the service. She IS the 21 years older than me woman that I mentioned in of this story.

Together Dating® is a franchised business and your local branch may vary from this experience significantly. It was difficult for me to handle this particular problem because I knew the person very well that was involved in the experience I'm about to relate to you. It was even more difficult to help her as I have finally met the woman of my dreams and it's rather impossible for there not to be some conflict of interest with me helping a former girlfriend with a dating service issue - but I did just that and I hope to be able to tell you how to resolve a horrible experience with Together Dating® if you experience the same ... Some time around March of 2007 a friend of mine, who (IMHO) is an extremely poor manager of money, decided to respond to a local advertisement for Together®.

From a Together® PR piece at Online Personals Watch: How much are memberships?