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A thousand dollars sounds like a lot of money, but when you consider the maintenance that many cars require every 250,000 miles (timing belt, transmission, etc.), it’s actually a pretty routine expense.

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You’d need to drive 27,000 miles per year to get that price difference back over five years, which would be effing insane.

But when we look at used pricing, the picture improves. This is comparable to a $6000 Scion or Toyota from the same year.

The Colorado resident lives in Denver and works in Evergreen, several thousand feet higher.

The long daily climb may be the cause of the shorter service life, since the pack becomes fully depleted each day and left in that condition during the climb, something that doesn’t happen in less extreme use (batteries hate rapid discharge cycles, and they hate being left empty).

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If you take your second-generation Prius to a Toyota dealer and ask for a new battery, you’ll go home about $3000 poorer.