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Sf asian dating

We are the Bay Area’s premier online dating service that caters to Japanese and Asian singles, and busy professional men in their thirties and beyond seeking their soul mate.

Many of our matchmakers have been providing this service for several years, even before the establishing of Glow!

You can trust our extensive experience to help you find your perfect companion!

Being with Glow didn't stop me from looking on my own, but in a strange way it made me more confident, as knowing I had dates arranged made me more relaxed about introducing myself to others.

Since I'm not partial to bars and didn't enjoy Internet dating, I really looked forward to the nights when they had a date set up for me.

A true celebration of human diversity, our Asia SF restaurant experience brings you our world famous transgender stars – The Ladies of Asia SF.

These beautiful and talented ladies serve you superb critically acclaimed Cal Asian cuisine and perform hourly atop the red dragon runway bar.

At Asia SF our goal is to make “time of your life” memories.

The atmosphere is so richly saturated with friendliness and good-cheer that it is nearly impossible to resist joining in the merriment as soon as you enter.

We offer matchmaking services, online formats, and personalized relationship services including setting up dates.

We cater to busy young professionals seeking a Japanese or Asian companion.

I've recommended the service to single professionals, friends and would join it again if I needed." Jeff, age 50, Architect. and Canada and seek available partners looking for meaningful, long-term relationships that are Japanese, from a Japanese background or have experience working and living in Japan.