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Sexyonlinedating com

Online dating promises quick hookups as much as forever romance because they know that SEX is on many minds.

By quieting your mind, going within, shutting out the world and its distractions, you position yourself to become a more sexual animal. Like all other matters in life where VISUALIZING leads to ACTUALIZING, maintaining an active imagination and fantasy life can make the difference between being able to TURN IT ON when called for or being very SLOW TO BURN.

Plus, who knows, while meditating, though you want to quiet your mind, you may very well come upon a whole new position that you want to try with your partner. Just like a runner who has practiced time and again how to get out of the starting blocks FAST, by keeping an active sexual imagination you can activate more quickly when the time comes to rev up your engines.

Sex can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your state of mind, hormonal health, age and too many other factors.

Which is why I’ve distilled down SIX SEXY SECRETS that might, just might, make you feel more frisky than normal and may, just may, make you more apt to be in the mood, rather than begging off due to imaginary headaches.

Web MD tells us, “Some men apply dong quai to the skin of the penis as part of a multi-ingredient preparation for treating premature ejaculation.

Like Dong Quai, there are many other herbal solutions that s aid in CALMING down anxiety and stress.

When you were 16 your hormones were in a fun and frisky frenzy.