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Sean bean dating russian

"It tries to explain how things can deteriorate in the sense that you've got a young British citizen, who's bright and politically aware, and who gets drawn into a terrorist organisation," he explains.

His latest role in Cleanskin, for example, sees him play a secret service agent on the trail of a young Muslim student who becomes radicalised at university and joins a terrorist cell.

The student (the eponymous "cleanskin") is unknown to the spooks, but Bean must track him and stop him before he can wreak further havoc.

I've no compunction about sending you to your death. And if you should come across Ourumov, guilty or not, I don't want you running off on some vendetta. It's insulting to think I haven't anticipated your every move.

From there, he worked on the cheese counter at M&S and started training to become a welder, before swapping for the arts and graduating from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

I had a full body wax, the high heels, short skirts, bras – everything – it was proper full-on," he says in his deep Sheffield accent.

"I became totally absorbed: it was wonderful being involved in it, I just didn't want to leave it, the character. It's a brilliant script: very moving, very dark humour."It's a far cry from the tough-guy films that are his stock in trade.

So, I know I'm straying into dangerous territory when I broach the subject of Bean's romantic history. It's wonderful."Bean has been accused of being withdrawn, quiet, almost sullen in interviews.