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Scott cunneen dating

” For instance, part of his job entails chalking lines on the playing field at Labatt Park.

And you just don’t know, there could be a child sitting in a game who has a disability that sees him and looks to him as a role model.

Who is just part of the team and does everything we ask of him and he has a great personality and a great sense of humour and people really enjoy his company.

It’s important people see that.” Scott recalls, “At the beginning of the season we had a staff information day down at the London Convention Centre and I had asked a bunch of my summer temporary employees to go because I thought it would be important for them to meet the new city manager and just hear the message of what the City of London is attempting to do with regards to moving forward and what’s important for the City of London and the citizens of the City of London.

We had a breakout session and I was at a table of twelve people that included Chris.

Chris was the most active out of those twelve people, offering suggestions on what the city of London could do better for employee appreciation, for customer service skills and I was proud of him.

He knows exactly what’s going on, he knows how to handle situations and he knows how to deal with the public.

He does a great job.” The City of London Parks and Recreation team is looking forward to Chris’ return for a third consecutive summer at Labatt Park in 2014.

Every year there are over 1,000 applications by individuals seeking to work for the summer season with the City of London.