Start Problems updating apps ipod touch

Problems updating apps ipod touch

If you’re interested in reading what exactly happens when you hold down the Volume Key, read on.

In this post, we tell you a few ways to solve these problems.

Hard Reboot If you’re an i OS user since sometime, by now you’d know that most problems (even on non-jailbroken phones) can be solved by a hard reset.

saurik had added this safe mode feature for Mobile Substrate last year to fix horribly broken jailbreak apps and tweaks.

However, many of field test features listed are no longer available unless you use an earlier version of the firmware, or re-enable via homebrew.

Similarly, IMEI, in combination with a SIM card, provides an easy method to track the location of a person.

Changing cellphone, you can be tracked by SIM card used.

There are times when my i Phone becomes completely unresponsive to not only touch inputs, but the Sleep/Wake button as well, in such cases the hard reboot comes in handy.

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