Start Outlook vote tracking not updating

Outlook vote tracking not updating

How can I see if my message was read or delivered successfully within the sent item?

Although the adjacent drop-down list provides three choices for buttons--Approve, Reject; Yes, No; and Yes, No, and Maybe--Outlook doesn't limit you to these selections.

You can type in any combination of choices, separating them with semicolons.

If the tracking feature is not broken, you’ll see the following message icons in front of a received tracking report; Delivery Report Non Delivery Report (NDR) Message Read Notice Message Deleted Without Being Read Notice Recall Failure Report Recall Successful Report If you received a message with any of the above icons, then the tracking feature will work and you’ll see the following icon on your sent item in the Sent Items folder; Tracking icon for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 Tracking icon for Outlook 2003 and previous If you see that icon on your sent item, double click the item to open it in its own window and you’ll see a “Tracking” button in the “Show” group (Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010) or the “Tracking” tab (Outlook 2003 and previous); In Outlook 2003 and previous, incoming reports sometimes need to be processed manually.

Processing reports manually is as simple as selecting the report in your Inbox folder (don’t move it to another folder), mark it as read and then delete it.

I haven't changed a thing other than to create a group list to use rather than having to edit a different list each week. Nikki, I think moving the sent message may have been the problem with the two earlier emails, but I did not move the one sent Tuesday 5/27/08.

This most recent email is tabulating, but rather than displaying the ENTIRE list, it is only displaying the responses as they arrive, so I have no way of knowing who has not yet responded.

Otherwise, users might see the message in their Inboxes and click Reply, not realizing that they need to open the message and click a voting button.

After you send a voting-button message, don't move it from your Sent Items folder.

The purpose for this email is to have all recepients reply one way or another.

I realize I could print the list, and check off the emails, but .

It is possible that updates have been made to the original version after this document was translated and published.