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Her liver and kidneys shut down, she temporarily lost her sight and hearing, and she suffered a heart attack. In fact, if you use her photos without permission, she'll likely find you first. "She didn't really like to," recalls Debbie Rossi, one of Matthews' best friends at Princess Margaret and later Stamford Collegiate. I just wanted to listen." Matthews didn't confide because she thought every household was like this. How do you keep your mind off of abuse when you're constantly being abused? She felt more confused than ever, but had one huge advantage - she was one of the most gorgeous young women in Niagara Falls. While her sister, Patricia, became a star athlete at Stamford (she still holds nine school records), the younger Denise was turning heads. "Denise always had good looks." "Everyone seemed to like her," adds friend Linda Clarkstone, now a librarian at Westlane. "She was beautiful, and even back then she could sing." Within a year, Matthews left Niagara Falls for Toronto, and then California. AFTER A FEW dismal movies - Terror Train, Tanya's Island - Matthews was given two tickets to a Prince concert in the early 1980s.

The singer and actress died Monday in a hospital in Fremont, Calif., the Bay Area city she called home.

"She absolute loved God unto salvation," her friend MC Hammer tweeted Monday night as the Grammy Awards got underway.

Emotional: Pop superstar Prince, 57, pictured here on stage at the Stade de France in Paris in June 2011, paid tribute to an ex-girlfriend who passed away this week during a solo performance in Melbourne on Tuesday Vanity: Denise Matthews - better known by her stage name Vanity - rose to fame as a pop singer in the 80s and often collaborated with Prince, whom she also dated for several years.

The biggest by far was 1982's "Nasty Girl." An infectious synth-funk single with overtly sexual lyrics, the song stalled on mainstream radio but managed to reach No. It has since gone on to become a dance-floor classic.

"I don't have to believe I'll do (dialysis) for the rest of my life. You can either believe that and receive that, or you can believe God. I live by faith." A faith she hopes to share with her hometown some day. I really do miss it." There is always one big reason to visit: A 71-year-old lady on Fourth Avenue who saw her little girl turn into Vanity, and nearly lost her. there's a lot of corruption in Hollywood," says Matthews' mother, Helga Senyk.

"It was hard, but I prayed to the Lord and hoped for the best. Before she says goodbye, there's just one more question.

"Easily, the devil had won me and readied my tired body for hell." Completely addicted, Matthews started dating (and was briefly engaged to) Motley Crue guitarist Nikki Sixx, who was also at death's door most nights.