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Nicholas bishop dating

Nicholas Bishop (born 19 September 1973) is an English-born Australian actor.

Abby shared with Quinn that Bishop and Torres were definitely not together.

They don’t even have a 20 percent compatibility rating.

He and Bishop get on well, and this week they were certainly arguing like an old married couple.

In the end, Bishop did share with Gibbs and her brothers who her new boyfriend was.

” “Happy Thanksgiving, Bishop,” is all that Gibbs added, bidding her adieu.

Bishop indeed then continued on with her own Thanksgiving, back at her apartment with brothers Robbie, George and John, to whom she introduced the man in her life: Qasim Naasir, whom she (and we) first met in Season 12’s “Lost in Translation” episode, and who this week helped with some Pashto translation and accompanied her to Gitmo.

Some fans quickly jumped to the idea that the two were dating.