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New saudi arabia dating sites

GALE does not consider it safe for LGBT youth to attend the forum and certainly not to make any statement about universal human rights being applicable to LGBT youth.

The message to bankers, businesspeople and high-rolling investors is clear, says The New York Times: “the once insular kingdom is now open for business”.

There could also be a more selfish motivation for Salman “as the heir of the incumbent monarch moves to consolidate his authority, sidelining clerics whom he believes have failed to support him and demanding unquestioning loyalty from senior officials whom he has entrusted to drive a 15-year reform programme that aims to overhaul most aspects of life in Saudi Arabia”, says The Guardian.

Speaking at the start of a landmark investment conference in Riyadh, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman promised his kingdom would return to “what we were before” while doing more to tackle extremism.