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Im Zeitalter von Lebensabschnittsgefährten, Sexportalen, Tinder und gefühlten Hunderttausend Singlebörsen im Internet, läuft es aber leider oft nicht gut in Sachen Dating und Kennenlernen. Dass es sehr häufig Frauen sind, die zunächst gar nicht bemerken, dass ER sich zurück zieht, ist ein Fakt.

Singh and his colleagues at the U-M Injury Center analyzed data from a larger survey of teens and young adults aged 14 to 20 years who visited the U-M Health System’s emergency department for any reason between late 2010 and early 2013.

Probing deeper, the study finds that those with depression, or a history of using drugs or alcohol, have a higher likelihood to act as the aggressor or victim.

The findings, from the largest-ever study of the issue in a health care setting, suggests a need for health care providers to ask both young women and men about whether their relationships have ever turned violent, and to guide them to resources.

“These data remind us that teen relationships are not immune to violence and should encourage providers to ask adolescent patients about this important issues,” he adds.

“In addition, this could help us understand whom to target for screening and referral to, or development of, programs that could help them.” Relationships in adolescence set up patterns for adult relationships, he notes.

Given two months to live, she throws caution to the wind to pursue her dreams.

A deadly thriller set in New Orleans, about a wealthy businessman, Charlie Le Blanc, who discovers that he only has a short time to live.

— Dating during the teen years takes a violent turn for nearly 1 in 6 young people, a new study finds, with both genders reporting acts like punching, pulling hair, shoving, and throwing things.

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