Start Love dating sim 2 walkthrough ari story

Love dating sim 2 walkthrough ari story

There are 29 days total in this game, Day 29 is the final day and you can't do any activity on it anymore. ►► Name: Jennifer Crawford Title: Captain/Helicopter Pilot Age: 23 Height: 178 cm BWH: 90-58-88 Blood: B Nationality: US Profile: A loud-mouthed, hot-headed helicopter pilot. ►► Name: Yumi Wulandari Title: Staff Sergeant/Executive Officer Age: 24 Height: 155 cm BWH: 86-57-86 Blood: O Nationality: Indonesian/Japanese" Profile: Kind and shy.

=============================================================================== V. ALIEN LIST [ALI] Not Alien are available start away.

Day01-Day03 Minis Machina Day03-Day07 Lizard Day07-Day14 Flame Day14-Day18 Beans Day18-Day24 Monster Crisis Day24-Day29 Sun Day29 Boss Here are the List of the Alien in-game, including their stats.

Speed: 600 Cooldown: 2 Turns Effects: Health 3500 5 Love Price: 100,000 Love Rank Req: Love ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- II. If you failed the quest, the love value will be -35. CORNELIA QUEST [CQ] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- enemy or have enemy. When you swim using a Swimming Pool in City, you will be deducted by 20,000.