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Lair and dating

This is a walkthrough for the English localization of Shiny Days by JAST USA.

Indeed, many of the techniques in this article have not been seen elsewhere before.

The creepy lair is located between Reeves St and Carrington St, Narara on NSW Central Coast, and is hidden out of sight from a nearby walking path many students use to get to school.

The man, dressed in a suit designed to be easily concealed, dragged a 12-year-old girl into bushland, bound her with cable ties and raped.

It was a Ghillie suit including a top and pants with dark camouflage colouring and fake leaves attached to it, with matching mask, gloves and backpack.

Police said the clothing might not exactly match each other as they may not have been bought at the same time.

The hidden lair is shown to have a plastic orange chair, old tyres, a make-shift tent made out of a large draped sheet surrounded by rubbish.

Now forensic psychiatrist Julian Parmegiani claims the predator could have been carrying out a 'hunter fantasy'.

Police believe he may have been carrying out a 'hunter fantasy'.