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Kevin stevens dating

Read the rest “The worst part of my whole encounter with Oreskes [was] the fact that he utterly destroyed my ambition,” says one victim.

The President of the United States is Angry at Rex Tillerson, who was recently reported to have called Donald Trump 'a fücking moron,' a charge the Secretary of State and former Exxon-Mobil CEO does not deny.

Read the rest Leland Melvin is the astronaut in that fabulous NASA photo with his two dogs.

Longtime Boing Boing friend Adam Savage is best known as the guy behind and the co-star of TV's beloved 'Mythbusters.' He's also a Boing Boing TV guest and fellow nerd traveler we've admired since our 'zine days.

Adam is teaming up with You Tube star Michael Stevens (Vsauce) for 'Brain Candy,' a live touring explodey sciencey show that promises “crazy toys, incredible tools and mind-blowing demonstrations for a celebration of curiosity that’s an interactive, hands-on, minds-on theatrical experience like no other.” Read the rest reports on how ads were created by people working for the Russian government's cyberwar arm, and literally paid for in rubles with no questions asked by Facebook.

What's the connection between Apple Watch and wheelchair dance?

Activity on the Apple Watch is optimized for wheelchair users.

But National Hugging Day or not, churches already have their huggers, the now Caro, Mich., resident pointed out."Ask at any church who the hugger is and it would not be difficult for them to point that person, or group of people, out," he said.

According to National Hugging Day's website, this year's "most huggable people" include the Chilean miners and their rescuers who made headlines in October.

Hundreds of millions of Americans – nearly 150 million, Facebook acknowledged on Wednesday – didn’t realize online political material they were seeing and sharing came from a foreign adversary.

But the Russians, capitalizing on social-media targeting tools made possible by accumulated data from billions of users, knew a tremendous amount about their unsuspecting American audience.

He is an engineer and former NASA education leader, and the author of 'Chasing Space: An Astronaut's Story of Grit, Grace, and Second Chances.' He shared this essay with friends today, and I thought you'd like to read it, too.—XJ The Department of Homeland Security today revealed which states were targeted by Russian hackers trying to break into voting systems during the 2016 election cycle.