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Kari kokkos lady chatterlys alskare

She was raised as a cultured bohemian of the upper-middle class, and was introduced to love affairs--intellectual and sexual liaisons--as a teenager.

Michaelis asks Connie to marry him, but she decides not to, realizing that he is like all other intellectuals: a slave to success, a purveyor of vain ideas and empty words, passionless.

Hilda Reid - Connie's older sister by two years, the daughter of Sir Malcolm.

Hilda shared Connie's cultured upbringing and intellectual education.

Daniele, Giovanni - Venetian gondoliers in the service of Hilda and Connie.

Lady Chatterley's Lover chronicles Connie's maturation as a woman and as a sensual being.

She comes to despise her weak, ineffectual husband, and to love Oliver Mellors, the gamekeeper on her husband's estate.

She disdains Connie's lover, Mellors, as a member of the lower classes, but in the end she helps Connie to leave Clifford. He is an acclaimed painter, an aesthete and unabashed sensualist who despises Clifford for his weakness and impotence, and who immediately warms to Mellors.