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This paper emphasizes the voices of the women themselves, drawing from the first academic research employing creative writing workshops as a methodology with migrant women sex workers in Johannesburg, South Africa.

R240 of her earnings each day go to the brothel owner for rent.

It’s hard and dangerous work, she says, but much more lucrative than the small clothing business she had at home.

What’s more, the exchange rate works in her favour and the rands she earns here buy a decent living for her child, who lives back home with his grandparents.

Sex work in South Africa is particularly risky because of the high prevalence of HIV. Fortunately for Grace, though, her move here has coincided with the launch of one of the most promising new HIV prevention tools.

In most cases, acne starts between the ages of 10 & 13 and usually lasts for 5 to 10 years.

It normally goes away on its own sometime in the early 20’s.

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Grace first heard about Truvada from a TB/HIV Care counsellor.

“I know about this clinic because I have seen the ladies come to the brothel,” she said.

Acne can be disfiguring and upsetting to the patient.