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Is patti from millionaire matchmaker dating

"We hope that it continues on the path it's on now, which is building trust again [and] building loyalty again.

"It's very surreal, but at the end of the day it's really cool and special to share your lives with others," the mother-of-two shared.

"Granted there's the privacy factor you wish you had a lot, but it's really special that people are knowing about your life and congratulating you on your child.

They were not only Patti Stanger's employees and co-workers, but also her pals, so when they stepped away from her and the show in 2013, it definitely felt like a break-up.

star met the the mortgage banker through an online dating site in 2012.

"And that night I raced home and Googled [her]…I felt like such a moron for not knowing who she was.

I remember calling her the next day, saying, ' My God, I feel like such a fool.'" During that same interview, the now-exes played a round of trivia about each other and got all three questions right.

As Stanger cruised through Chicago recently to promote her move to WE tv (and her just-announced new show . PATTI STANGER: I tell people what most people would never say to their faces. I have 42 minutes to tell a story and fix up two people on an episode. What is it about the Patti brand that people are drawn to? I think everything that’s [an] aphrodisiac—the wine has aphrodisiac elements; it got 94 out of 100 points on , about a Chicago family running a matchmaking service. PS: Five years ago, right before I dated David, Lisa [Galos] fixed me up with someone.