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Is cassie dating ryan leslie

So, like, I couldn't explain it any better than that this timing is the best timing that I've ever felt in my entire life to put out music. I did , I lived in South Africa for like two-and-half-months. Then, he came back in and he started to write and we kind of kept going back and forth. He was like, "I have to be on this record." I didn't know him, so I was like, "Go for it." It came out really, really dope.

Rich and Ryan independently put out what would become Cassie’s breakout hit, “Me & U.” Cassie was later signed to Bad Boy Records.

He helped release Cheri Dennis’ “I Love You.” Ryan Leslie produced and wrote “I Love You” for Cheri Dennis.

Rich Dollaz does radio promotions for Interscope and is the CEO of Dollaz Unlimited, a management company that claims Amina Buddafly, Yasmeen Christian, and Aaron “Herkules” Graves as some of its clients.

Find out more about his musical accomplishments stemming from his eight-year run with Bad Boy Records. While working in the promotional and marketing department of Bad Boy Records, Rich Dollaz met Ryan Leslie, who was dating Cassie at the time.

, but Richard Trowers owes his pseudonym Rich Dollaz, and much of his musical success, to his time spent at Bad Boy Records.

He started as an intern for Diddy and later moved on to work with artists such as Cassie, Yung Joc, Cheri Dennis, Gorilla Zoe, and Danity Kane.

The single release was accompanied by two music videos, but Cassie does not appear in the visuals.

An original version of the track featuring just Cassie was also released.

Billboard: When did you get that itch to return back into the studio? I was in the studio with him and I really loved the idea.

Cassie: Well, you know, I've never really stopped making music, it was just about the timing. He left the room for a second and I started to write. You know what I did love for a brief fun moment, but I mean I'm still listening to it now, Erykah Badu's "Phone Down." It's so fire from top to bottom.

They later got back together, but broke up for a second time after Dawn Richards reportedly struck Aubrey O’Day after a recording session.