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Intimidating accronyms

Also occasionally used in reference to classes that are felt to require several above average ability scores to be effective, such as the monk.

In 3.0, refers to psionic casting, in which the ability score connected to manifesting a power changed depending on the discipline of the power.

For example, metacreative powers were based off of Int, while telepathic powers were based off of Cha.

The company that originally published Battle Tech and Shadowrun, among other RPG, miniature, and board games.

A d20 FRPG (the ruleset is a highly variant version of D&D 3.5) published by Privateer Press and set in the same world as that company's Warmachine miniatures game. Often used to refer to the series of games and novels set in the oriental fantasy world of Rokugan, but can also mean a specific game, depending on context.

In this case, each class granted a base To Hit number, modified by Str or Dex depending on the attack type, magic, and other factors.

Then it has the AC of the target subtracted from it to determine the actual To Hit number for a specific AC.

- 2.5e: Term sometimes used to indicate AD&D games that used the later rules supplements (Skills and Powers, Combat and Tactics, Spells and Magic, etc.). - 3.5: The revised version of 3e or original d20 D&D.