Start How do ukrainians make money dating scam agency

How do ukrainians make money dating scam agency

See the differences between a traditional marriage agency (such as Inter-Marriage) and dating club: The advantage of this system is that it ensures that the ladies listed in the file really exist!

The scam may be the result of a single person or an organized criminal group who use any means necessary: apartment rental, mobile phones or post boxes, manipulating honest people into handling transfers by claiming the loss of a passport or failure to pay surcharge after too many bank transfer (the person who knows nothing of the scam in progress, receives $ 5 to 10 euros from the scammer).

Scammers may as well do a fake casting (example from the scammers checklist) The contact between the scammer and the victim is via e-mail, usually through a free dating club.

From my experience (I have respectively been employee for a marriage agency in Ukraine, member of an international dating agency, and finally director of Inter-Marriage ) I know perfectly the different "scenarios" developed by scammers to get money from Western men.

My tips will help you avoid the pitfalls and disappointments.

Introduction The purpose of this guide is to inform Western men looking for a soul mate in Eastern Europe about the main traps set by scammers.

Even though scams exist in the world of international dating, you do not need to be completely paranoid!!

That's why Inter-Marriage is closely related to independent associations which collect the testimonies of people who have been ripped off in order to form a blacklist of fraudsters and unscrupulous agencies: these associations visit my site several times a week and meticulously monitor the profiles of new members.