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She, like me, had health issues that had overtaken her life. I don't know how I managed to get the words out, but I did and successfully scheduled an appointment.

All I knew was that every time he touched me, all I could think about was the inevitable pain followed by sheer disappointment.

Physical pain so easily brings along its good friend emotional pain.

It was difficult for me to imagine a day when the cloud would ease up to a sprinkle or give way to sunshine.

So while my friends took the party bus to the bars downtown, I lay in my bed and tried to watch TV to distract myself.

But the second time I met someone that I was truly interested in, I tried to ignore the pain. Lesions, which they did find during the surgery, meant that I did in fact have endometriosis. He didn't understand why I was refusing to try or shying away from each touch.

But, my doctor reassured me, he'd removed all the lesions that he could, and presto, I was supposed to start feeling better soon. And I didn't really have an explanation for what was happening to me.

That is, until years later when I became interested in boys.