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I don’t regret anything.” That valuing of passion, integrity, and wisdom over security is so out of favor in today’s pragmatic world that we’ve almost forgotten its power.

But after four years of turbulent marriage, she didn’t get a dime’s worth of settlement.

Mac Graw’s romanticism has sometimes been “her undoing,” says Candice Bergen.

” He pauses, then out it pours: “Steve loved Ali Mac Graw more than he loved anyone else in his entire life.

Evans—the brash, handsome women’s-clothing executive and actor turned Young Turk producer who had been handpicked to save the sinking studio—was dubious.

“She takes a necklace off and says, ‘You’ll look great in this,’” says Ruth Ansel, a former art director of just as hard up as I am!

’” Yet Mac Graw insists, “Every life experience makes us who we are.

They court in front of libraries, and they make love …