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‘They don’t bother questioning us, because they already know who is really selling tea; but we carry this union card’, explains Fita.

Mixed with jasmine flowers and brewed in a special earthenware pot (the poci) that is only ever rinsed with clear water —thus imbuing it with its heady scent and making it more delicious each time — it has a unique aroma that has made it popular all over Java, where it is sold in the many warung tegal or ‘warteg’.

It is only in Semarang, however, where this tea has become synonymous with teenage prostitution.

After the drinks are paid for and an advance booking fee for the ciblek is received, the group climb into the kijang and disappear into the night.

Poci tea originates in the Central Javanese city of Tegal.

The previously amateur sex workers increased in number and professionalised – turning a pastime into paid employment.

And so a new way was needed to disguise the commercial sex trade to the public eye.

Suddenly, Fita calls out to a passing kijang van: ‘Poci, poci mister! The vehicle slows to a halt and its tinted windows roll down. The spot-lit surrounds of Simpang Lima, the babbling water in the filthy drains and the scent of the tea combine for a cosy ambience. They chat with the tea seller and puff meditatively on clove cigarettes.

A second tea seller is dispatched across the street to a crowded all-night warung where a group of young men and women are hanging out.

Some of these are explicit in nature and, on Monday, Indonesia’s communication and informatics ministry said it would block the messaging app within 48 hours if they weren't taken down.

Whats App, which is owned by Facebook, said it wasn’t actually able to remove them itself, because communications on the app are protected by encryption.

It is 2.30am on Pandanaran Street, Simpang Lima in the Central Javanese city of Semarang.