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If this is to be the case, I highly recommend having a custom enclosure built out of stainless steel and tempered glass that could completely encompass the outside of the unit.

The surrounds can overlap any surrounding stone work, as long as the face of the fireplace itself is flush with the wall.

We are looking at installing a gas fire place into our kitchen in a corner area that is small on an outside wall.

Television manufacturers use hundreds of different plastics in the manufacturing process and each will have a different temperature limit.

Normally, consumers may refer to the mantel clearances that are typically provided for gas hearth systems.

Not only do they provide a bit of perimeter overlap, but they also serve to cover the mechanics at the top and the bottom of the unit.

Without them, the fireplace would appear unfinished.

The unit is narrow enough that it can be built into a corner, with the corner wall facing measuring 33 1/2 inches between the adjacent walls.

It can also be vented horizontally through the outside wall without an issue.

The manufacturer does not provide any specific television clearances for this fireplace, so a television could not be installed above this particular model with any certainty the television would not be damaged.

In general, television clearances are not provided specifically in any product literature for gas hearth systems as there are far too many variables to consider.

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