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Traditional recipes with special flavors and beyond. Lots of trails around the area to explore, either by walking or biking.

The Afterword ends with the swelling demand amongst Greeks for social justice, a change of direction, and determined political action against ruthless financial institutions and international corporations.

Introduction; Genocide & Rebetika; Edge of the East; Chaos & Puppets; Streets of Dreams; Artefacts & Legacies; Over the Moon; Scents & Sparkle; Unexpected Creatures; Rules & Rebellion; Chasms, Canyons, & Strata; Identity; Eternal Dionysos; Extreme Appearances; Refuge & Delirium; Undercurrents & Shadows; To Demetra & Catharsis; Afterword; Acknowledgements; Index.

Make a Reservation Important notice: Making a non refundable booking, you may change the date of your reservation by phone call to 302371071429 or 306973351293, at least 3 days prior arrival’s date, without any extra costs. The position is unique inside the unspoiled nature, located just on the edge of the old village of Vrastama.

Written in an easy and generally non-academic style it offers a widely researched feast of details to satisfy both the armchair traveller and the actual traveller alike, whether the latter be tourists, visitors, students, teachers, or business people.

The final chapters allow the reader both an appreciation of the Greek psyche and a clear account of the precarious point at which Greece now stands.

A thirteen-page index assists the location of specific details. 1: The first chapter (the Introduction) relates the power of one particular form of Greek music and recounts the life-story of the famous and much-loved composer who was largely responsible for its creation: Manos Hadjidakis. 2: The second chapter explores rebetika by way of an evening in a music-taverna and consideration of the tragic population exchange between Turkey and Greece that followed the Greek Genocide of the early 20th century. 3: Chapter Three explores the church known as Kapnikarea, the Kerameikos archaeological site, the Technopolis entertainment centre, the Hill of Nymphs, Karaghiozis theatre, Athenian operetta, and the inner-city locality of Ano Petralona. 4: Chapter Four reveals the three distinct and dramatic stages of the development of 'the Modern Greek State', the current Hellenic Republic having been instituted only in 1974.

Every effort has been exercised to respect the old structure from stories told by the local people.