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Ross further notes that, while the actors in online erotic chatting may not perceive that they are engaging in real behavior as there is no direct physical contact, the crystallization of their fantasies in the texts that constitute the vehicle for their interaction is akin to the joint construction of a script [1].

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These expectations depart from both the assumption that online erotic chatting may not affect sexual behaviors in real life [1], as well as from the inference that UAI with partners met online reflects intentional barebacking [10].

Instead, our expectations reflect an alternative understanding of the dynamics of online erotic chatting.

According to Ross, the Internet provides a sexual space midway between fantasy and action that enables experimenting with sexual behavior by ‘engaging in it online and with another person without actually “doing” it’ [1, p. The author further suggests that the expression of desires in semi-hypothetical online interactions can be seen as an externalizing of sexual fantasy [1].