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Economics of dating relationships

You say you are not writing an elegy for a lost era nor making a personal case for social change. Like I mentioned earlier, this is about honesty and realism in a domain of research that is just swamped with idealism — both from the left and the right, from the secular and the devout. Other factors you mention as contributing to the development and proliferation of “cheap sex” are pornography and the internet.

And the book is also a generalist updating of what is known about the sexual behavior and relationship patterns of American adults. We decreasingly even remember that sex can generate life. In brief, pornography is cheap sex — the cheapest, really.

Fertility seems like a design flaw now, rather than the primeval reason that sex feels good. It undermines women’s ability to “charge more,” that is, to expect better treatment, more wooing and greater relational investment from men.

Not a few men fail to see that high-quality spouses don’t stay on the market forever. You say in the book that relationships and their norms and rules favor men’s interests and that the route to marriage, which most women still want, is more fraught with more years and failed relationships than in the past.