Start Dwt template not updating

Dwt template not updating

If you take the template out of DW and just modify and upload that alone, then nothing will happen to the other pages.

There is a logo and a navigation menu in the left column, and the content specific to each page is housed in the right column.

This common design is the result of my basing all my pages on a template containing all the above elements (logo, navigation menu, 2 column layout, etc).

By the end of this chapter, you will have created nearly all the pages of your website.

You will also learn how to use Dreamweaver CS5's template system to create new pages based on the custom design and layout that you've been working on in the previous chapters as well as to automate the updating of all the pages of your site when you make a design change.

And your guess is correct, the template modifies areas that are not specific to a page.

Usually, this is done by creating Editable Regions in the template.

but the dang template will NOT update the sites pages created from it........grrrr.......... Corrupt the site cache so that the link between template and child page is broken 7, Improperly create your child pages by simply opening the template, adding page specific content, and resaving the template with an *extension rather that its *extension.

I have a Dreamweaver manual and have defined the site about a dozen times (after removing it first) and I have dome so RIGHT TO THE BOOK..... HEK Here are seven common mistakes that will result in changes not propagating from Template to child - 1. Move the Templates folder to some other folder level in the site other than root level 3. Assume that template changes can be uploaded to the server without also uploading the changed local files 6.

Here's where Dreamweaver CS5 shines in helping you automate the task of creating and maintaining a multi-page website.

Since this is chapter 7 of the Dreamweaver CS5 Tutorial series, you will probably need to start with chapter 1 if you aren't already very familiar with Dreamweaver CS5.

They usually have tags inside that refer to the template.