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Dating people from abroad

This might suggest that government policies in host countries favor capital-intensive activities.

These occupations are considered low skilled and require little education and training, thereby regularly facing poor working conditions.

Women facing just working conditions are more likely to provide their children with adequate nutrition, better education and sufficient health.

In order to fill the nursing shortage in the Philippines, suggestions have been made by several NGOs that nursing-specializing Filipino workers overseas, locally known as "overseas Filipino workers" (OFWs), return to the country to train local nurses, for which program training would be required in order for the Philippines to make up for all its nurses migrating abroad.

Wealthier households derive a larger share of their income from abroad.

Working conditions among Filipinos employed abroad varies depending on whether the host country acknowledges and enforces International labor standards.

The standards are set by the ILO, which is an UN agency that 185 of the 193 UN members are part of.

) is a person of Filipino origin who lives outside of the Philippines.