Start Dating gay handicaped persons

Dating gay handicaped persons

That meant ending a long relationship that had come to an extremely unhealthy place. Before I began my road to recovery, I embraced my single life with vigor: I partied, I was ecstatic, I was charismatic, I dated several people at one time, I didn’t hold my liquor, I was high as a kite, I had uneventful encounters with men, led men on, I smoked cigarettes like I was born with one in my hand–and I knew, fun as all of this was, that the gig wasn’t going to last much longer.

It hasn’t happened yet, because I have yet to meet someone I am interested in; still, the likelihood of it happening is always in the back of my mind.

It isn’t an option for me anymore, however, and I am more than okay with that.

Tempting as it can be, I am no longer up for a lost weekend.

I am the most stable I have ever been in my life; I quit smoking recently, and decided to be out as an activist with bipolar disorder. Eventually, I felt ready to actually start dating again.

I joined an online dating website and have had a few fun dates.

Before I pulled out of the bar scene, I was briefly seeing a guy and when I was explaining my diagnosis to him he fell asleep.

I am pretty sure that was because he was drunk, or I am just the worst, most boring storyteller ever.

It was hard to pull back from all that fabulous wild abandon, but once I found my way to health, good things happened.