Start Dating for professionals with credit cards

Dating for professionals with credit cards

However, the creditor may report that you are challenging your bill.

Due to scheduled system maintenance, there will be a service interruption on Sunday, November 5 at a.m. CT that will affect your ability to access information on, or make payments to your credit cards in Online Banking, Mobile Banking, BBVA Wallet, or the automated phone system.

This will not affect your ability to use your credit card for purchases.

Here is information on why the Capture Date is so vital. On the face of it, credit card processing might seem very simple with a customer purchasing goods and services in exchange for payments.

Does the Capture Date change if online goods or services are not delivered?

Dates are important for record-keeping purposes to identify when funds were transferred from one account to another.

The Capture Date is also an essential part of credit card processing.

When everything works out, the customer will receive his goods or services and the merchant will receive his money.