Start Dating anniversary milestones

Dating anniversary milestones

During our first 10 years of marriage, we never failed to celebrate our anniversary in a splashy manner -- befitting of a young couple very much in love.

Ahh, one of life’s most exquisite mysteries solved. You’re nearly as relaxed while with her as you are while alone. Hey, you’ve paid for adult movies and rodent bait stations without embarrassment. 34 Fifth time she walks your dog or he changes your cat’s litter box. But beforehand, the two of you will make plans (where to go), reach compromises (what to do, how much to spend) and face obstacles together (a major delay, lost luggage).

25 First time she asks you to pick up tampons when you grab your keys for a beer run. You’ll blissfully spend hours on the beach and between high thread-count hotel sheets.

You can add old photos and stories from your relationship that even your close friends may not have known.

When your guests arrive at your vow renewal ceremony, they will already have a deep appreciation for the love you’ve shared over the years and will be excited to watch you renew your commitment to each other.

You catch a whiff of someone wearing her signature scent and … 23 First time he introduces you as “my girlfriend.” (Sigh.) 24 First time your bro calls to make plans with you and you factor her schedule into the decision. 39 First time you say “fiancé.” 40 Last condom you’ll ever wear. 41 First change of beneficiary on your life insurance. Illness, foreclosure, infertility, bereavement: You’ll see what your marriage is made of. In a society replete with disposable connections and meaningless sex, these celebrations have an even deeper meaning.

You forgot to pack your curl moisturizer, so your ’do has gone from Afrolicious to awfully frizzy. A car exactly like his passes by, and it doesn’t trigger a reaction. You get a “save the date” message for your high school reunion six months away. 38 First time you’re jealous when (s)he mentions something the office spouse did or said. “I’ve seen how a forgotten birthday or overlooked anniversary can hurt a relationship.

Wedding Paperie also exclusively offers booklet-style invitations.

The booklet invites allow you eight pages of space, so you can fill your guests in on your love story while inviting them to celebrate the continuation of it.

If you’re close with your immediate family they’ll certainly expect an invite, but there’s no need to invite your second cousin who lives out of state this time around.

If you’ll have a reception, keep your budget in mind and plan your guest list accordingly.

Here are some vow renewal invitation wording ideas: While your wedding vow renewal ceremony and reception can be whatever you envision it to be, there are a few etiquette rules you should try to abide by if possible.