Start Dating a man 10 years older

Dating a man 10 years older

When I tell people my boyfriend is much older than me I get the normal response of "How old is he?

Most people would've been freaked out, but I've always been an old soul. We had a couple more issues to work through, like my whole being a patient thing. Luckily, I was discharged (my knee bendable and all), and we could date for real.

I'm not saying our age doesn't pose a problem when you take into account I want kids of my own, now we are on a clock but I'm willing to give this relationship a go.

This allows me to take the time to grow on my own.12. In other words, he is more experienced in bed than other men I've been with, and has extra special ways to please me.13.

He's tender -- physically affectionate and a great listener.14. And a man who is comfortable in his own skin is oh-so-sexy. Sometimes it's better to go older, even if you have preconceived ideas ideas of what it might "mean," or what it might say about you to date someone older.

During this time period, I was experiencing a change of heart and my feelings were evolving into something deeper.

I never thought he returned my feelings but I was content with my crush.

Another problem is my family, whom are not thrilled but it's my (or yours, if you are in a similar situation) life to live.

If he makes you happy and treats you better than any man your age, then go for it. I still struggle with family issues and my brother refuses to meet him, which hurts. It sucks that he can't see that this man makes me happy and that I love him.

My feelings were purely platonic but I grew more respectful of him as my knee began to listen to me again.

I grew even more emotionally attached when he would soothe me, telling me I was doing great, while tears streamed down my face or when I would laugh hysterically from the pain.

One night he texted me (I gave him my number for dance show questions) asking me about the show.