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Danielle glasscock dating

And she believed she could make a case against David Temple with the evidence she had.“What did you have? and the timeline that he tried to put together so perfectly but he didn’t quite pull off.”So, David Temple was arrested.

For one thing, they wondered how a burglar got past the Temples’s dog, Shaka.“They were saying if this was a burglar,” Clappart explained, “then the dog certainly would have bothered them.”Dean Holtke, then a crime scene tech, told “48 Hours” in 2007, that he thought the break-in looked staged.“If the door is sitting in this position - closed -- an intruder is going to make entry and break it out here,” Holtke explained of the broken window pane.

“You would expect to see glass straight out this way,” said Holtke gesturing to the area directly in front of the door.“The broken glass would go straight out?

She was an incredible woman, incredible wife, an incredible mother,” said Temple. He said Belinda stayed home that afternoon while he took Evan out to run some errands.

They can be seen on surveillance tape at a local grocery store.“We stopped got two drinks and I picked up a bag of cat food,” Temple said in 2007.

“That doesn’t make him a murderer.”Not only did Temple cheat on his wife, but a year-and-a-half after Belinda was killed, he married Heather Scott, his one-time girlfriend.“She was the reason why David Temple finally made up his mind to end his marriage with Belinda by executing her,” Siegler told Schlesinger.“It doesn’t look good.

And that’s what the prosecutor harped on all during the trial,” said De Guerin. “48 Hours” wasn’t allowed to record the witnesses’ audio, but the former mistress downplayed the affair in her testimony.“That was just so -- come on, so contrived.

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David Temple is serving life for the 1999 murder of his wife, Belinda.

She was eight months pregnant at the time.“I’m innocent ... My close friends know that I’m innocent,” Temple told “48 Hours” correspondent Richard Schlesinger.

Temple has always denied having anything to do with it.“Two angels left to -- left to go to heaven a long time ago,” he said in tears from jail.

” Schlesinger asked.“Exactly,” Holtke replied.“But you find it off to the left,” Schlesinger noted.“Yeah,” said Holtke.“What did the placement of that glass tell you?