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This is done on purpose because we want to verify that you are 18 years old.

Tips is basically money that you spend on guys in order to see them nude or have them masturbate on webcam.

The Norwegian police believe the geographic distance and the use of webcams make the live broadcasts more brutal.

"The investigation shows that live streaming of sexual abuse is not a new type of crime, and we see that the orders and the execution of such abuses have been in progress for several years.

Last year, Norway made headlines with its major crackdown against child abuse dubbed Operation Dark Room.

In recent months, the investigation has grown to involve more suspects and cases.

The perpetrators are believed to communicate via various chat services and hidden darknet forums, where offers of all kinds of sexual services abound.

According to Norwegian police, the perpetrators use streaming to promote the sale of adult sex shows.

Several of the victims that Operation Dark Room has revealed were in the infant age range.