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This outlaw Texas vibe is paired with a “Midwestern nice” aesthetic in one of Australia’s few capital cities that wasn’t founded as a convict settlement.

Do yourself a favor and check out one of the world’s best beaches, Wineglass Bay, in nearby Freycinet National Park.

With its nearest major city over 1,300 miles away, Perth is about as isolated as it gets. Nearby Fremantle is pretty much the place to be in Perth, where you can hit up former Tame Impala (also from Perth) haunts like Fly By Night and Mojo’s, slam craft beers at welcoming joints like Little Creatures and Sail & Anchor, or stroll its “cappuccino strip” of cafes.

As an American living in Australia, there are a few things you quickly realize: 1) nobody drinks Foster’s, they drink VB.