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Best dating landing pages

The reason behind this is because I want to target those that have a medium to high amount of traffic. I decided to start from these three target visitors because I wanted to know which kind of target worked well with the offers I selected.

This is what’s known as a “click through” landing page.

Other names include jump page or the beautifully named “romance page” – as the purpose of the page is to enhance the interest level of the visitor to a point where they are ready to move to second base.

That’s why we should see the result from the direct linking first.

All of them must have an Alexa Ranking better than 50,000 in the US (my offers are based in the US). These were three main target groups I was going to send the offer to.

As I’m one of the laziest men in the world, I rarely check the bid price for my campaigns unless there is a target that gives me loads of money.

So, I placed the bid price at the minimum for every single target.

If you were in a car driving down this highway, you’d have 2 choices: left or right.