Start Beautiful people dating site hacked

Beautiful people dating site hacked

A reported 5,000 users were removed from the site for "weight gain," The Guardian reported in 2010.

The information is now being sold on the online black market by data traders, reported Forbes.

Beautiful confirmed with Forbes that it was aware of the breach, which was first reported in December 2015.

Simon Keates, EMEA manager at Thales e-Security, told SC that seemingly innocuous information can pose a bigger problem.

“Details such as your name, your job, and where you live can be pieced together relatively easily by cyber criminals buying this information on the dark web and used as bait for targeting phishing attacks and identity theft to access more sensitive information,” he said.

Leaked login details could be used to reset passwords.

Other data included information such as weight, height, job, education, body type, eye and hair colour.

The personal data of 1.1 million users deemed attractive enough for controversial dating site Beautiful were leaked, according to news reports and an expert who runs the security-analysis site Have IBeen on Monday.

The breach included some 15 million private messages sent between members of the website, as well as details such as encrypted passwords, email addresses, mobile-phone numbers and personal information such as height, weight, job, favorite movie and TV show.

According to Australian security researcher Troy Hunt, who verified the details, information about the hack was handed to him by someone who operated in “data trading circles”.

As reported by Forbes, Hunt was able to check the data's veracity.

The data does not contain any credit card information and user passwords are encrypted.” Rob Mc Connell, market director at SQS, told SCMagazine that adequate customer data security and monitoring control measures should have raised an immediate alert to suspicious or unauthorised activity.