Start Any wwe superstars and divas dating

Any wwe superstars and divas dating

Her power-based offense is fun and plays to her history as a fitness model.

No matter how driven she may have been to evolve as a worker, the opportunity simply was not available to her.

The Superstar Shake-up resulted in the reshuffling of the Raw women's division and the ascension of Alexa Bliss to the top spot on the show.

While the Raw Women's Championship around her waist would suggest she is the No.

In-Ring Work There were flashes of an athletic, psychology-based worker inside of Summer Rae during her time in NXT.

Never the most technically sound, she knew how to generate a reaction based on her in-ring psychology and ability to manipulate a crowd.

Unfortunately, such a thing does not appear imminent.

Score: 6Dana Brooke is still a work in progress, a relatively inexperienced professional wrestler in comparison to the women around her.

Score: 7.5 Popularity A Superstar, regardless of gender, is only as popular as WWE Creative and management allows them to be.