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Animals dating video

The piggy almost turns the other way at first, but he's brave and makes the journey.

With some careful maneuvering, Zion was brought back home safe and sound. Ask little Elora, who made a wish on a dandelion that the neighbor's cat Hercules would become the family's new pet.

Sure enough, the neighbors are moving and they can't take care of Hercules anymore.

Sure enough, they found him stranded on a sheer 100-foot cliff.

The only way to save him was to have team members Annette and Gaby rappel down.

View Now The drought in Kenya has left many elephants in a state of starvation.

This orphaned calf was seen collapsing from hunger but thankfully a rescue team was quickly on the way.

View Now If you have a protective canine companion, you may feel safer when they're around but what if your dog was trained to protect you against gun violence?

Obedience training can go much farther than the traditional fetch and sit tricks because of their defensive qualities.

With help from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and KWS veterinarian Dr.

Poghon, she was looked after until a plane arrived to take her to the Nairobi Nursery.

The expert pulled a Lace Monitor Lizard from under the oven, and we're positive it's actually a small dinosaur.