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Back then, websites were simple plain text in a decent background. Internet connections are faster than ever,and that’s why the webpages load faster than before.

You have to play your part and learn to have faith in yourself so that you can trust in others and either increase or roll back the trust accordingly. You have to opt out and not try to turn a pigs ear into a silk purse because you have experience to know what the rule is.

Why do people keep carrying the same beliefs, baggage, and behaviours, choosing the same types of people, different package and expecting different results?

Because rather than address any of these factors, they expect to continue to make the same choices and carry the same mentality and then ‘miraculously’, without having to stretch themselves, one of those exact same or very similar situations will be the exception to Even though this person makes me unhappy and doesn’t treat me with love, care, trust, and respect and I even call them an ‘assclown’, I love them so I’m going to keep trying/going back because hopefully they’ll make me the exception.

That’s why site owners don’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars in the industry.

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