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Aberdeen dating scene

Edinburgh's gay pride festivities, Pride Scotia, take place every June.

Image source: If you’re of a nervous disposition around new people, especially ones you’re attracted to, a date idea like this is a great option as there is always something to turn your date’s attention to if you feel the conversation is drying up.

The free tours at Aberdeen Maritime Museum are a perfect introduction to the Museum which tells the story of the city’s long relationship with the sea.

Enjoy the sound of the waves and watch the seagulls as you get to know your date. When asked about the dating scene in Aberdeen, dating site comparison website, Top Aberdeen Dating Sites commented, “There are a great range of free and affordable, but memorable hotspots to take a date in Aberdeen, come rain or shine, whatever the budget.

You’re sure to be super-chilled following your session, and have something to talk about afterwards.

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Scotland's a fun place all year round, where you can spend an afternoon wandering around a city, visiting galleries, and an evening at a lively bar, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying a drink and a delicious meal.

Scotland's capital city offers a year-round calendar of activities and events which peaks in summer with the fantastic festivals.